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Meatless fridays

Timothy Card. Dolan talks about confession, penance, and abstinence. My own previous post on this subject is here.

Construing the council

I was asked in another place: “I thought you ‘uber Catholics’ always taught that since Vatican II was a pastoral council and not a doctrinal council, it wasn’t binding on Catholics.” That’s not a straw man; some “traddies” do take that position. But I’m not a traddie; they do not speak for me, nor I […]

The mismatch

CMR reports that Raymond Card. Burke has harsh words for DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “To the degree to which (Sebelius) proclaims herself to be a practicing Catholic, she is very wrong,” said Cardinal Burke. He sees it as “simply incomprehensible” for a Catholic to “support the kind of measures that she is supporting.” Burke’s comments […]

Archbp. Dolan reflects on New York’s marriage law

His excellency Archbp. Timothy Dolan has an excellent reflection on New York’s recent enactment of what is euphemistically (and somewhat Orwellianly) called “marriage equality’ by its backers. Well worth a read.