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Catholics and politics

His excellency Bishop Robert McElroy (Aux. D. San Francisco) reportedly addressed “a diverse group of political players … [gathered] at Georgetown University to discuss the moral implications of partisanship”: McElroy noted that the founders were deeply suspicious of partisanship, or what they called “faction.” They thought parties were necessarily divisive and there is no shortage […]

In re the firearms debate, redux

I last wrote about Catholics and guns in 2013. Kathy Schiffer notes a new book, “My Parents Open-Carry,” and asks for thoughts on gun policy. I should note at the outset that I am uncomfortable with propaganda aimed at children, and this book trips the propaganda alarm for me, even though I favor exposing Americans to guns […]

Tape and tradition

This is a post about audio recording and tape that becomes a post about politics, tradition, and the reform of the reform. Last week, I posted my recording of 74/75; I sent a copy to my parents with the observation that it surprised me that so much of the sound for which I’d been looking was tape, and […]

Cruz’s eligibility

Over at SF, I have a post on the Presidential eligibility (vel non) of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.).

The NSA programs: Deference, secrecy, libertarians, conservatives, and the Fourth Amendment

In the last month, leaked documents have revealed the existence of two government surveillance programs which collect “metadata” (i.e. “data that describes data”) about customer telephone calls and email from the TelCos and ISPs that route the data. For now, the details aren’t important; we’ll get to that when we talk about these programs and […]

The day before

Pax Christi tecum sit! Tomorrow, America votes. Whether you will be voting for Romney or Obama, please take a few minutes to consider Wednesday morning. Roughly half the country will be elated, and the other half, despairing. The result will be close, and whichever side you’re on, part of you will want to scream “how […]

Internet memes, morality, and mortal sin

I am not a fan or a supporter of President Obama. My patience with people who create or propagate fictitious claims about him, however, had already run out before the latest meme did the rounds, and it was the final straw. So I’m going to nail my colors to the mast on this right here, and […]

Is it time for a Catholic political party

…in England? The question is posed. The idealistic answer is yes—And yes without any doubt in England, where secularism is much further advanced than here, although one might ask whether, for just that reason, it might not be worth trying to broaden the party into a broader Christian Alliance Party. The answer is yes in […]