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Evangelization is a rescue mission

Some year ago, Yves Cardinal Congar, OP, supplied to us an image of the Church as a liferaft for a world that is destined to sink. The world is going to the bottom; we shall be rescued. And having been rescued, having clambered aboard the liferaft, what is the ordinary Christian life? To stay afloat, […]

An update on Father Lankeit’s vocations program

In MP: Straight Talk on Altar Girls (Oct. 19, 2011), I voiced support for a priest of the Diocese of Phoenix who had returned altar service to being open only to those capable of ordination. “If we may reasonably conclude that service as an altar boy is helpful in fostering vocations to the priesthood, it […]

Funeral vestments

White at funerals makes me pale; it may have some theological accuracy, but it’s utterly inhuman. People need to grieve. It is an innate emotional need rooted in the very base of the soul; it runs far deeper than trivial intellect. To deny people that based on concerns that appeal to the intellect strikes me […]

LCWR responds to CDF

Via Father James Martin, SJ, the unsurprising—yet still disappointing—response of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s doctrinal assesment. It says essentially what we would have expected, but notice what it does not say. The situation could simply and forthrightly be resolved if LCWR would say: “This […]

A matter of identity

In a recent post re-proposing “fish friday,” I implied that I disagree with the 1966 decisions of Paul VI and the NCCB (USCCB’s forerunner) to make fish friday optional, but set aside that discussion until today. One of the things that worries me is Catholic identity; I would call it waning but that seems a generation […]

Blessings and the Communion line

Father Zuhlsdorf responds to a question from an RCIA candidate who asks whether it is wrong to join the communion line for a blessing. The practice of inviting non-Catholics forward to receive a blessing is a (likely) illicit but very common practice in the United States; the questioner reads Father Z’s blog and had been […]

A genuinely pastoral statement

Serving as a follow-on to this post, I should note that Archbishop Chaput said recently: I think faithful Catholics listen to their bishops pretty carefully. But the key word there is “faithful.” Baptism brings us into the Christian community, but our fidelity is determined by how we live our lives after baptism. If we don’t give […]

“Pastoral care is directed towards salvation, not comfort.”

If you take nothing else away from this, a column that is well-worth reading for several reasons, let it be the reclaiming of one of the most abused words in the Catholic lexicon, so often used to demand or justify lassitudinous “don’t judge” “anything goes” attitudes. “Pastoral care is directed towards salvation, not comfort.” Pastor […]