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The Magisterium in the early Church

St. Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians is the oldest writing of the New Testament, predating the gospels by decades and the canon of the New Testament by centuries. It is thus interesting to encounter, as we do in Sunday’s second reading: [I] give thanks to God unceasingly, that, in receiving the word of God […]

Straight talk on altar girls

America magazine has a singular talent for maximizing the irritation that one might pack into a single column, and this one is no exception. The immediate focus of the editors’ ire is Father John Lankeit, rector of Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral, who has decided to use only males as altar servers. His statement is here, […]

Revealed preference and the peril of interest capture

Rocco Palmo reports that Vice President Joe Biden met with the Holy Father today, but observes that the meeting appears to have been kept unusually quiet. When then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Benedict in a publicized meeting, the Vatican paired it with public criticism of Pelosi’s dissent—de facto schism, I would say—from the Church’s teaching on a number […]