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Phil Mathias on the corrected translation

The corrected translation has attracted a lot of criticism, very little of it substantial. Phil Mathias’ National Post commentary does little to redress the balance. It’s hard to keep reading after Phil regurgitates the tired “hiearchy vs. the people” line that’s been so in vogue, but we shall soldier on. (1) Phil tackles consubstantial, and it […]

Matthew 8

With perfect timing, today’s gospel reading is the story of the centurion: When Jesus entered Capernaum,a centurion approached him and appealed to him, saying,”Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, suffering dreadfully.”He said to him, “I will come and cure him.”The centurion said in reply,”Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under […]

St Clement’s memorial

On this day before thanksgiving, we give thanks for St. Clement, fourth Pope and third successor of St. Peter. Let’s read today’s collect in the corrected translation, as we’ll hear it a year hence: “Almighty ever-living God, who are wonderful in the virtue of all your Saints, grant us joy in the yearly commemoration of […]

More undignified than this

A 1977 article urging communion in the hand on the basis (inter alia) that it is “dignified” made me think about the dignity of the Eucharist. I thought about how very dignified Peter must have felt as Jesus washed his feet, and how dignified Jesus must have felt as he washed Judas’ feet. I thought […]

Altar bells and keeping faith with tradition

At a recent class on the corrected translation, there was some discussion of whether altar bells would make a comeback; my parish doesn’t use them, and while some people are very happy about that, there are others who would prefer, often with equal passion, to have them back. I am firmly on the side of […]

Straight talk on altar girls

America magazine has a singular talent for maximizing the irritation that one might pack into a single column, and this one is no exception. The immediate focus of the editors’ ire is Father John Lankeit, rector of Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral, who has decided to use only males as altar servers. His statement is here, […]

Leading by example

A commenter at Fr. Z’s says: Actually, having viewed every papal Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict in St. Peter’s Basilica recent years, he always says Mass there completely in Latin — the collect, super oblata, postcommunion, all the dialogues (Dominus vobiscum, etc), the Preface, the Eucharistic prayer, the final blessing — every word of every […]

The Scottish posture

The Bishops of Scotland are considering having congregations stand in places that they once knelt. I have no comment on the propriety of the change, but I do have one observation about its timing: “If the Scottish bishops go ahead with this proposal, it would make sense for any changes to congregations’ participation in the […]

The scope of Summorum Pontificum

The question is raised: Is Summorum Pontificum‘s liberalization of the usus antiquor aimed solely at those whose attachment to it predates Vatican II and the reforms it set in train? And if so, may younger Catholics attend? In my view, it is not, and they may. It’s true that Summorum Pontificum is a link in […]

Two quick links

An interesting perspective on Universae Ecclesiae in this interview. And in this, William Oddie praises the Bishops of England and Wales, in general for improvements since the Holy Father’s visit to Albion last fall, and in particular for a pastoral letter they have sent on the new translation (read the letter here). From the former: […]