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Authoritative teaching, liturgy, and authority

Elsewhere, it was suggested to me that authority “seems to be a major element of Catholic belief” for me, as does liturgy. I gave a lengthy explanation of my views on authority in The Catholic proposition, 2 MPA 77 (2012), but some additional remarks will not hurt. I. Authority, in the sense of the sources […]

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Last month, I delivered a presentation to Catholic Adult Fellowship on the Eucharistic liturgy of the Roman Rite,  straightforwardly titled The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The written version of my remarks is now available here; this completes a pair of talks that began last fall in The Catholic Proposition. On June 2nd, 2013, the […]

Benedict, Francis, and the future of the “reform of the reform”

Shawn Tribe offers some thoughts on the future of the liturgy under Pope Francis. I would add one qualification to his  statement that “Benedict XVI understood … the need not simply for legislation, but rather for a renewed liturgical formation and a change in liturgical culture; for there to be lasting effects you first need […]

Hearing, saying, celebrating, presiding

Terminology is rarely neutral. There are a few pieces of Mass-related terminology about which I want to speak: Saying Mass, hearing Mass, celebrating Mass, and presiding at Mass. The locution that one “hears Mass” was once quite popular; St. Mother Theodore Guerin’s journal records that she and her companions heard Mass at my home parish […]

The taproot of liturgical distortions

At the root of almost every problematic idea advanced for “improving” the “experience” of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a failure to understand what the the Mass is. The Mass is not simply “worship” and “thanksgiving”; it is those things also, but as John Paul II put it in Dominicae cenae, “above all else, the […]

An update on Father Lankeit’s vocations program

In MP: Straight Talk on Altar Girls (Oct. 19, 2011), I voiced support for a priest of the Diocese of Phoenix who had returned altar service to being open only to those capable of ordination. “If we may reasonably conclude that service as an altar boy is helpful in fostering vocations to the priesthood, it […]

Funeral vestments

White at funerals makes me pale; it may have some theological accuracy, but it’s utterly inhuman. People need to grieve. It is an innate emotional need rooted in the very base of the soul; it runs far deeper than trivial intellect. To deny people that based on concerns that appeal to the intellect strikes me […]

The Holy Father’s Epiphany homily

It’s well worth a read. He paints an image of the Mass as a participation of a great journey, a procession, a pilgrimage, one that was begun by the Magi and which continues throughout history: The journey of the wise men from the East is, for the liturgy, just the beginning of a great procession […]

The Roman Missal of AD 2100

The core of this post is pure speculation. I have to say that up front, but it’s speculation based on what I think are fairly sound premises.  One thing that’s clear is that our current liturgical perch, with the Roman Rite divided between the “ordinary” form (the novus ordo or, in Gamber’s phrase, the ritus […]

Active participation

Fr. Zuhlsdorf has a post noting the distortions that follow from misunderstanding Vatican II’s call for “active participation” in the liturgy. Some people will claim that active participation provides some warrant for a vernacular liturgy, but that view is untenable. It’s vital to understand that the council didn’t invent “active participation”; in trying to convey […]