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Episcopal throughput

Fr. Z has a reader’s letter relating a priest’s experience of making changes in his parish. The priest, new to the parish, “wanted to make some changes that would put us more in line with the new liturgical movement,” including “offering all Masses ad orientem … and changing our Mass schedule and format to include one […]

Three thoughts on Fr. Corapi

In March, Fr. John Corapi was suspended after allegations that he was improperly involved with a woman. After weeks of silence, Corapi announced today that he will leave the priesthood after being stymied in attempts to clear his name. Audio of the announcement is here; the text is here. I have three main points to make. […]

The hierarchy and the bourbon laity

Max Lindenman has this on the hierarchy and the laity. It strikes me as vital that we hew to a balanced view of holy orders and ecclesiology, steering between the imagined monster of clericalism (truly terrible it would be if it existed) and the very real and corrosive cloud of what we could call “laicism,” a […]