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A matter of identity

In a recent post re-proposing “fish friday,” I implied that I disagree with the 1966 decisions of Paul VI and the NCCB (USCCB’s forerunner) to make fish friday optional, but set aside that discussion until today. One of the things that worries me is Catholic identity; I would call it waning but that seems a generation […]

Sr. Le Fer on the habit

On August 16, 1853, Irma le Fer, Sister St. Francis Xavier, SP, sent “word of joy and happiness”: Her sister Elvire had become doubly a sister, joining  the Sisters of Providence as Sister Mary Joseph. “has received the Holy Habit; she has laid aside the garments of the world to clothe herself with the livery […]

The mismatch

CMR reports that Raymond Card. Burke has harsh words for DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “To the degree to which (Sebelius) proclaims herself to be a practicing Catholic, she is very wrong,” said Cardinal Burke. He sees it as “simply incomprehensible” for a Catholic to “support the kind of measures that she is supporting.” Burke’s comments […]

Straight talk on altar girls

America magazine has a singular talent for maximizing the irritation that one might pack into a single column, and this one is no exception. The immediate focus of the editors’ ire is Father John Lankeit, rector of Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral, who has decided to use only males as altar servers. His statement is here, […]

The Finn indictment

At the beginning of June, I noted an emerging situation in Kansas City involving his excellency Bishop Robert Finn: The diocese had failed to respond with due urgency to a situation involving allegations about presbyterial misconduct. In her comments, Elizabeth Scalia  observed that “[t]he fallout from all of this will land on Finn, as it […]

Is it time for a Catholic political party

…in England? The question is posed. The idealistic answer is yes—And yes without any doubt in England, where secularism is much further advanced than here, although one might ask whether, for just that reason, it might not be worth trying to broaden the party into a broader Christian Alliance Party. The answer is yes in […]

Two comments on Bp. Zurek, Fr. Pavone, and PFL

Fr. Frank Pavone, the public face of Priests for Life, has had his ministry put on ice, ordered back to the Diocese of Amarillo where he’s incardinated due to concerns of his excellency Bishop Patrick Zurek over PFL’s finances. Elizabeth Scalia has a link-rich summary of the story here, Prof. Ed Peters looks at its canonical […]

God’s way and ours

London then; London now.

Archbp. Dolan reflects on New York’s marriage law

His excellency Archbp. Timothy Dolan has an excellent reflection on New York’s recent enactment of what is euphemistically (and somewhat Orwellianly) called “marriage equality’ by its backers. Well worth a read.