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Chrism Mass homily

Pope Benedict’s homily from the  Holy Thursday Chrism Mass is especially worth reading.

A genuinely pastoral statement

Serving as a follow-on to this post, I should note that Archbishop Chaput said recently: I think faithful Catholics listen to their bishops pretty carefully. But the key word there is “faithful.” Baptism brings us into the Christian community, but our fidelity is determined by how we live our lives after baptism. If we don’t give […]

“Pastoral care is directed towards salvation, not comfort.”

If you take nothing else away from this, a column that is well-worth reading for several reasons, let it be the reclaiming of one of the most abused words in the Catholic lexicon, so often used to demand or justify lassitudinous “don’t judge” “anything goes” attitudes. “Pastoral care is directed towards salvation, not comfort.” Pastor […]

Revealed preference and the peril of interest capture

Rocco Palmo reports that Vice President Joe Biden met with the Holy Father today, but observes that the meeting appears to have been kept unusually quiet. When then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Benedict in a publicized meeting, the Vatican paired it with public criticism of Pelosi’s dissent—de facto schism, I would say—from the Church’s teaching on a number […]

The hierarchy and the bourbon laity

Max Lindenman has this on the hierarchy and the laity. It strikes me as vital that we hew to a balanced view of holy orders and ecclesiology, steering between the imagined monster of clericalism (truly terrible it would be if it existed) and the very real and corrosive cloud of what we could call “laicism,” a […]