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The taproot of liturgical distortions

At the root of almost every problematic idea advanced for “improving” the “experience” of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a failure to understand what the the Mass is. The Mass is not simply “worship” and “thanksgiving”; it is those things also, but as John Paul II put it in Dominicae cenae, “above all else, the […]

Blessings and the Communion line

Father Zuhlsdorf responds to a question from an RCIA candidate who asks whether it is wrong to join the communion line for a blessing. The practice of inviting non-Catholics forward to receive a blessing is a (likely) illicit but very common practice in the United States; the questioner reads Father Z’s blog and had been […]

Essay on Communion in the hand

This Easter, all else being equal, I will be confirmed in the Catholic Church. Because the prospect of first communion is now before me, I must make a decision on whether to receive communion in the hand or, as is traditional, on the tongue, both options being licit in the United States. In this essay, prepared […]

Four aspects of Confirmation

Fr. John asked me to say what confirmation meant to me—how, that is, I would explain it to a person who happened to ask why I would do such a thing—and I thought that it was worth sharing my reply. I saw three aspects to it, and I will add a fourth that has subsequently occurred. The first, […]

The merit of the Blessed Sacrament

A friend asked why we need to receive Christ in the Eucharist more than once if He comes to live in us through the blessed sacrament? Does Jesus “wear off”? What follows is a slightly more elaborate version of my answer. Let’s start by securing the premise: Why would it be necessary at all? The […]

Phil Mathias on the corrected translation

The corrected translation has attracted a lot of criticism, very little of it substantial. Phil Mathias’ National Post commentary does little to redress the balance. It’s hard to keep reading after Phil regurgitates the tired “hiearchy vs. the people” line that’s been so in vogue, but we shall soldier on. (1) Phil tackles consubstantial, and it […]

The laity and the chalice in Phoneix

Last month, I had my say about the decisions by Bishops Olmsted (Phoenix) and Morlino (Madison-Wisconsin) to restrict the distribution of the chalice to the laity. I thought it was an unfortunate move. Well, +Olmsted has reversed course, which is good; unfortunately, the Arizona Republic‘s report is problematic. Let’s dig straight in, with my emphases and […]

More undignified than this

A 1977 article urging communion in the hand on the basis (inter alia) that it is “dignified” made me think about the dignity of the Eucharist. I thought about how very dignified Peter must have felt as Jesus washed his feet, and how dignified Jesus must have felt as he washed Judas’ feet. I thought […]

Communion under both kinds

The time has arrived to say something here about the imbroglio that began after news broke that his excellency Bishop Robert Morlino (Madison-Wisconsin) would follow the lead of his excellency Bishop Thomas Olmsted (Phoenix) and begin restricting the distribution of the chalice at Mass. Before we get to my comments on the issue, let me […]