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The democratic fallacy

Periodically, someone will suggest that bishops ought to be elected, and they will place immense weight on the point that bishops were once elected; they are likely to offer a quote (without sourcing) that he who is to govern all should be chosen by all. While it’s true, after a fashion, that bishops were elected […]

Teaching and governing

On the one hand, I think Hatcave prefect Marc Cardinal Ouellet is right that we need bishops not just apostolic administrators (to misappropriate the latter term)—shepherds who will be evangelists in the public square, theologians and apologists not merely canon lawyers hiding in (or, worse yet, behind) their chanceries. On the other hand, however, I found myself […]

The Finn indictment

At the beginning of June, I noted an emerging situation in Kansas City involving his excellency Bishop Robert Finn: The diocese had failed to respond with due urgency to a situation involving allegations about presbyterial misconduct. In her comments, Elizabeth Scalia  observed that “[t]he fallout from all of this will land on Finn, as it […]

Chaput confirmed for Philly

Rumor confirmed: Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput will succeed Justin Card. Rigali at the helm of the troubled Archdiocese of Philadelphia. A boon all around, I think: the archdiocese gets a chance to draw a line under its difficulties, and an articulate voice for orthodoxy gains a more prominent platform.

Episcopal throughput

Fr. Z has a reader’s letter relating a priest’s experience of making changes in his parish. The priest, new to the parish, “wanted to make some changes that would put us more in line with the new liturgical movement,” including “offering all Masses ad orientem … and changing our Mass schedule and format to include one […]

The Kansas City fumble

The Anchoress has a primer on what appears to be a mishandled case of a priest found to have an unseemly interest in children, although it doesn’t seem to have gotten so far as direct physical abuse. You can get the full story via that link and the stories to which Elizabeth links, but the […]

Revealed preference and the peril of interest capture

Rocco Palmo reports that Vice President Joe Biden met with the Holy Father today, but observes that the meeting appears to have been kept unusually quiet. When then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Benedict in a publicized meeting, the Vatican paired it with public criticism of Pelosi’s dissent—de facto schism, I would say—from the Church’s teaching on a number […]