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Leading by example

A commenter at Fr. Z’s says: Actually, having viewed every papal Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict in St. Peter’s Basilica recent years, he always says Mass there completely in Latin — the collect, super oblata, postcommunion, all the dialogues (Dominus vobiscum, etc), the Preface, the Eucharistic prayer, the final blessing — every word of every […]

The scope of Summorum Pontificum

The question is raised: Is Summorum Pontificum‘s liberalization of the usus antiquor aimed solely at those whose attachment to it predates Vatican II and the reforms it set in train? And if so, may younger Catholics attend? In my view, it is not, and they may. It’s true that Summorum Pontificum is a link in […]

On choosing gods and churches

At Wednesday’s general audience, the Holy Father recalled the time when God called Moses to Mount Sinai to deliver the ten commandments: While the Lord is giving the Law to Moses on the mountain, at the foot of the mountain the people sin. Unable to endure the wait and the absence of the mediator [i.e. Moses], […]