Wish You Were Here

Musicam novam præsento. I stumbled across a recording that I (apparently) did of Wish You Were Here (from the eponymous Pink Floyd album) in June. I have no recollection of recording it, but if such a recording should exist, it would apparently have a double-tracked 12-string acoustic guitar, panned hard left and right, a dreadnaught panned in the center, a double-tracked tenor vocal and a single-tracked tenor vocal, played (versus programmed) Addictive Drums, and a doubled keyboard part tracked in organ and ARP Solina String Synth. Missing, oddly, is a piano, which I should have imagined I would also have recorded, and thought about adding, but it seemed more interesting to just take this as capturing a moment in time. So, there we are. Recorded in June 2012, mixed and mastered in November 2012.