Still no red hat for +Nichols

This is just fascinating. The Holy Father will create six new cardinals in a consistory to be held in a month. This will be the third consistory in which Westminster’s Archbishop, Vincent Nichols, has been passed over. Interesting. +Nichols has now been in the post for three and a half years; to give some context, Nichols’ precedessor, Cormac Card. Murphy-O’Connor, was given a red hat after barely a year in the post, and his predecessor, Basil Card. Hume, was given a red hat after barely three months in the post. Hume’s predecessor, John Card. Heenan, waited about a year and a half, and his three sequential predecessors, William Card. Godfrey, Bernard Card. Griffin, and Arthur Card. Hinsley, waited about two years each. In fact, one has to go back a century—to Hinsley’s predecessor, Francis Card. Bourne, who became Archbishop of Westminster on September 11, 1903 and was not elevated to the cardinalate until November 27, 1911—to find a prelate who has occupied the see of Westminister for so long without being made a Cardinal.