A prayer for dark days

All of us have dark days when we feel tested beyond our capacity and inadequate to the challenges we face. We fear that our defenses will be broken imminently. (In a word… Overrrun.)

Inimicus me circumsedet, Domine; fortem est, et infirmitates mei scit; tela uti scit.
Sed tu est fortiorem, Domine, et me scis melius; tibi fugio.
Admitte me in arce tuo refugium invenire; vexillum Christi sustollam, et inimicus fugiet.

The enemy besieges me, O Lord; he is strong and he knows my weaknesses; he knows the weapons to use.
But you are stronger, O Lord, and you know me better; I flee to you.
Let me take refuge in your citadel; I will raise the standard of Christ and the enemy will flee.

I suspect that most of us have times in which we feel far from God; we feel lost and alone, that we feel that we have nothing to offer, that there is simply nothing for which we are good. Do not believe it. You must know how precious you are in His sight, and you must realize that you cannot yet understand the ways in which God will make use of you. Do not give in to despair, which is one of the enemy’s favorite weapons. Flee to the Lord and the enemy will flee from you.