Catholicism and environmentalism

God created the biosphere and everything in it, and it was very good in his sight. Then he created mankind and gave the biosphere to us. This gift, however, was not to you and me, nor to any one generation; it was to all mankind (“Ecce dedi vobis,” Gen 1:29). We, the generations who today compose mankind for a short while, hold it in trust, as stewards and regents. The notion of stewardship is critical. It by no means prevents us from making use of it for the purposes for which it was gifted, cf. Mt 25:14 et seq. (parable of the talents), but it does require recognition that it is not ours to wantonly do with as we please, and that we must take good care of it. All authentic Christian commentary on environmental issues builds on these precepts: The complete sovereignty of God and His authorship of all things, and the stewardship that he has conferred on us.

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