Novena for Sisters of Providence taking vows

On July 1, two Sisters of Providence will take vows: Sister Sister Hannah her first and Sister Beth her perpetual. I was surprised that the Church doesn’t appear to have even one novena for this situation; I had expected dozens (a Benedictine version, a Jesuit version, a Carmelite version, and so on). Well, so be it. I have taken the liberty of composing one for the Sisters of Providence; perhaps we might pray it together?

In nomine Patris et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, oremus:

Domine Iesu, pastor bone, Spiritum Sanctum misisti ut Ecclesiam dirigat, et homines et mulieres ad vitæ consecratæ vocare.

Nunc N. et N. vocavisti profiteri votis ante Sorores Providentiæ, ante DOMINVM Deum nostrum, et ante nubem magnum testium Ecclesiæ.

Da eis, quæsamus, Domine, fidem altiorem, spem maiorem, et amorem manentem. Non relinque latos suos.

Redde eis, pro castitate, paupertate, et oboedientia quod te promiserunt, thesauros in Cælum quod eis promisisti.

Face eas sorores bonas invicem, et omnibus Sororibus Providentiæ; face eas instrumenta per quas amore vestro effunditur.

Renova, Deus, fidem de omnibus in vitæ consecratæ. Duce ea ad fiduciam perfectam in Tibi, amorem constantem Iesu Christo, attentioni diligenti Spirito Sancto, et fidelitati certo Sedi Petri et omnibus episcopis.

. Ora pro nobis, Sancta Mater Theodora,
. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.


That is:

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd, you have sent the Holy Spirit in order to guide the Church, and to call men and women to the consecrated life.
Now you have called N. and N. to profess vows before the Sisters of Providence, before the LORD our God, and before the great cloud of witnesses of the Church.
Give them, we beseech you Lord, deeper faith, greater hope, and abiding love. Do not leave their side.
Return to them, in exchange for the chastity, poverty, and obedience that they have promised you, the treasures in Heaven which you have promised them. Make them good sisters to one another and to all the Sisters of Providence; make them instruments through whom your love is poured out.
Renew, O God, the faith of all in the consecrated life. Lead them to perfect trust in You, unwavering love for Jesus Christ, careful attention to the Holy Spirit, and unfailing fidelity to the See of Peter and all the bishops.
. Pray for us, Saint Mother Theodore,
. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ