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An interesting perspective on Universae Ecclesiae in this interview. And in this, William Oddie praises the Bishops of England and Wales, in general for improvements since the Holy Father’s visit to Albion last fall, and in particular for a pastoral letter they have sent on the new translation (read the letter here).

From the former:

[Question]: And how will precisely the promotion of the “older” rite further “reconciliation within the Church” after it has led to so much conflict until now?

[Answer]: The conflict essentially is due to the misunderstanding, so perilous for the Church, that Vatican II established a new Church. The struggle surrounding this misunderstanding must be endured to the end. Covering it up with peaceful phrases doesn’t help the Church.

Reconciliation requires recovering the “historical Vatican II”—the real council, liberated from what was wrought in the name of its “spirit” by willful individuals. We can’t have a frank debate about the council until we can all agree on what exactly it did and didn’t teach, and the council said nothing about a number of things for which it has been invoked by some and blamed by others.

Post facto:

MP: The Scottish posture (Aug. 5, 2011)

Universae Ecclesiae