Personal crest

Call it pretentious if you will, but I have created a personal crest:

Color and BW crest

The design is modelled after the obverse of the Benedictine medal, which I find very appealing; it retains the circular surround, quadranted lettering, and cross, but substitutes a latin cross for the benedictine medal’s symmetrical Greek cross. The cross is emblazoned with “Christus Iesus” and the Greek letters alpha and omega; below its crossbeam are images of grape and grain for the blessed sacrament, the venerable Jesuit motto Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, and my initials (I took Augustine as my confirmation name). In the outer ring, a dove symbolizes Confirmation and the Holy Spirit, and the motto Iesu res omnes dabo, me enim salvavit (“I will give all things to Jesus, for he has saved me”) is emblazoned. The center is set against blue marble for the blessed mother, and the outer ring against granite, for St. Peter (both omitted in the black-and-white “seal” version).

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