Musicam novam præsento. This is a short guitar instrumental piece that I recorded this week; it’s a little reminiscent of the kind of thing that I would do with backing tracks when I first started recording. If you’ve been following along with my music tag, there’s really nothing new in terms of production here, save that I tried to go much lighter on the compression, which I feel that I can overdo. I feel like this is an incremental improvement, there’s better separation between the instruments, but there’s still more build-up in the upper mids than I’d like. Room to grow.

The main rhythm guitar is the T12, there’s a bit of 7-string in the “chorus,” and the acoustic is a J200-style mic’d with an Audix CX112B pointed at the 12th fret and an MXL 990 pointed at the bridge. (The 990 is muddy, so taking the edge of trebly sounds is a good use-case for it.) The solo is my JPM 335 through a Digitech Bad Monkey. I did try a couple of experiments in the bass and drums. I plugged the bass into an amp (a solid-state Fender) rather than straight into the desk, and in addition to a DI from the line out, I stuck a subkick in front of the amp. I also approached the drums a little differently: It’s still MT Power Drums, but I rendered it as four tracks, one with kick only, one with snare only, one with “overheads” only, and then one with everything fed through TDR’s Proximity effect to emulate a room-mic. Then I treated the four tracks as though they were recorded drums for purposes of the mix, and I feel like the result is pretty good.

I think that the 335 and the mixture of electric 12-string and acoustic 6-string gives it a kind of 90s alternative/Britpopp feel, the organ and the delay on the guitar at the end are a little Floydian, and I like the harmonic minor run at the end of the solo with its flat seconds and fifths: