Back to fundamentals

The undersigned, ministers and laymen of the Presbyterian Church, appeal to all our churches, ministers, church officers, and church courts to unite in action and defense of the fundamentals of our commuon faith.

In view of the deep unreset in the religious thought of the day, we believe pronounced and persistent emphasis should be placed on the integrity and authority of the Bible as the word of God, the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, his vicarious atonement on the cross–the only way of salvation—and his resurrection.

We believe these doctrines should be preached from our pulpits, and that the sessions of our churches should insist that this be done.

We suggest, furthermore, when a church is seeking a minister to be its pastor that it shall not call any man save one who unreservedly and heartily accepts the great fundamentals herein enumerated and taught by our standards.

We have been led to express this belief and to offer these suggestions under the deep conviction that only on such a basis can the Church succeed in its mission, and the Gospel of Christ be propagated to his glory and according to his own will.

May we not urge you to unite with us in prayer that all our churches, ministers, and officers may feel the supreme importance of this appeal?

Signed by Rev. Maitland Alexander, Moderator of the General Assembly, and 80 leading ministers and 118 elders throughout the United States. The Presbyterian, April 21 1915