Leading by example

A commenter at Fr. Z’s says:

Actually, having viewed every papal Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict in St. Peter’s Basilica recent years, he always says Mass there completely in Latin — the collect, super oblata, postcommunion, all the dialogues (Dominus vobiscum, etc), the Preface, the Eucharistic prayer, the final blessing — every word of every prayer of the Mass that the Pope himself says is in Latin. And the Introit and Ordinary of the Mass are sung by the choir in Latin, the Pater Noster always in Latin, etc

Benedict seems to prefer to lead by example, and the result can be some beautiful examples; but his influence on the liturgy will be limited, I fear, if he is not willing to go beyond leading and engage in governing. If “problem parises” are willing to ignore the GIRM, why would we expect them to be fixed by a salutary example?