Questions presented

I’d like to make an open solicitation for views on the canonization process. Specifically:

  • Does the effect of canonization beyond announcement that “this person is in heaven” remain an open question on which the faithful may speculate and differ (see Ott, Fundamentals, §7), or has it been answered by the magisterium? (Put another way, is CCC ¶ 828’s characterization of it as “solemnly proclaiming that they practiced heroic virtue” dictum? If not, can that passage be construed so as to not require assent that the person presents an appropriate model for the lives of the faithful?)
  • Is the act of canonization infallible in any sense? If so, to what degree (see Ott, Fundamentals, §8), and where has this been taught (see 1983 CIC 749 § 3  (manifest evidence standard for putatively-infallible teaching))? (It must have been taught in the last century, because the Catholic Encyclopædia tenders nothing but private theological opinion on this point.)

Submissions by email (acolyteofscalia .at. gmail dot-com) would be appreciated.