Musicam novam præsento. Years ago, “the Connells” were a one-hit wonder with 74-75; I have no idea what it’s about, but I loved the song. I’ve been evaluating Reaper as a new DAW, and I wanted to try recording a piece that used a single track of guitar rather than layers and a piece with a more vintage sound. 74-75 popped into my head.

So here it is; I think it sounds pretty good. My concept was that each channel—not just the buss—ought to be fed through tape emulation. To that end, the string section was fed through Modern Plugins‘ Modern Analoguer, and the drums, bass, guitars, and vocals were fed into Jeroen Breetbaart’s Ferox.

In terms of VSTi, the drums are Addictive Drums, fed into Modern Plugins’ 1176N clone, the Seventh Sign, and thence to Ferox; the strings are two violins from DSK strings and two cellos from Soundkey Cellofan. The bass and electric guitar were recorded through a Fender Greta that I’ve taken to using as a tube preamp; the mic, too, is powered by a Bellari tube preamp.

Lastly, the mastering chain: Modern Plugins’ SSL G384 clone, the Apophis, set on Mix Buss 2, VoS’ Thrillseeker set to the LA Sweet Spot, and VoS’ Ferric—another tape emulation—set to Final 2.

I’m pretty happy with how this worked out. Here’s the channel list:

1. Drums (bounced down)
2. Bass
3. Main guitar (widened with Voxengo’s StereoTouch)
4. 12-string guitar
5. Electric guitar
6. String section (bounced down)
7. Vocal (this and next two tracks each compressed with Digital Fishphones’ Blockfish)
8. Vocal double-track
9. Baritone vocal