Monthly Archives: July 2015

If you’re puzzled about the Iran treaty

Ordinarily, when a treaty is proposed, the question is “will the Senate ratify it?” So what’s all this “sixty day review period” business in regard to the Iran deal, and why is President Obama talking about vetoing what Congress does? Here’s the skinny.  In 2010, Congress enacted sanctions on Iran, subject to waiver by the […]

Party like it’s 1899: Dodd for President, 2016

A week ago, with Governor Jindall’s admission of his candidacy, I promised that if one more Republican ran for President, I, too, would seek the GOP nomination. I’m a man of my word. Given Governor Christie’s entry into the race three days ago, I hereby announce my candidacy: I will walk for the Presidency. (My heart, like Governor Christie’s, aches at […]