Monthly Archives: May 2013

On “staying”

At the National Dissenting Reporter, Isabella Moyer is thrilled by the choice of Pope Francis—at last (so the headline would have it) she can remain in the Church because of rather than in spite of the pope. I appreciate that wisdom sometimes comes late, and I believe that she’s sincere when she says, in seeking […]

Creationism and original sin

Last fall, during a reading from Genesis chapter two, verses 18-24, an uncomfortable thought occurred to me. I have refused to take a position on creationism because it has seemed of no consequence, but that may not be true. And I raise this concern not rhetorically because I have an answer in mind, but rather […]

In re the firearms debate

The contentious public policy dispute of the hour is the question of regulating firearms, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has a statement that makes two comments and advances five (very general) calls. I. The bishops’ call. When the bishops intervene in public policy questions, they do well to tread lightly. Bishops have a […]