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Sr. Le Fer on the habit

On August 16, 1853, Irma le Fer, Sister St. Francis Xavier, SP, sent “word of joy and happiness”: Her sister Elvire had become doubly a sister, joining  the Sisters of Providence as Sister Mary Joseph. “has received the Holy Habit; she has laid aside the garments of the world to clothe herself with the livery […]


The Holy Father turns 85 today; three days hence, on April 19th, he will begin the eighth year of his pontificate. ℣. Oremus pro pontifice nostro Benedicto XVI, qui hodie LXXXV est! ℟. Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius. ℣. Fiat […]

Blessings and the Communion line

Father Zuhlsdorf responds to a question from an RCIA candidate who asks whether it is wrong to join the communion line for a blessing. The practice of inviting non-Catholics forward to receive a blessing is a (likely) illicit but very common practice in the United States; the questioner reads Father Z’s blog and had been […]

Chrism Mass homily

Pope Benedict’s homily from the  Holy Thursday Chrism Mass is especially worth reading.

Why “Roman” Catholic?

Some Catholics bridle at the modifier “Roman,” noting that it has derogatory origins, but I think that there’s much to be said for what then-Fr. Joseph Ratzinger had to say about the label fifty years ago: In that it says “Catholic” it is distinguished from a Christianity based on scripture alone, instead acknowledging faith in […]