Monthly Archives: July 2011

“Pastoral care is directed towards salvation, not comfort.”

If you take nothing else away from this, a column that is well-worth reading for several reasons, let it be the reclaiming of one of the most abused words in the Catholic lexicon, so often used to demand or justify lassitudinous “don’t judge” “anything goes” attitudes. “Pastoral care is directed towards salvation, not comfort.” Pastor […]

Chaput confirmed for Philly

Rumor confirmed: Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput will succeed Justin Card. Rigali at the helm of the troubled Archdiocese of Philadelphia. A boon all around, I think: the archdiocese gets a chance to draw a line under its difficulties, and an articulate voice for orthodoxy gains a more prominent platform.

The scope of Summorum Pontificum

The question is raised: Is Summorum Pontificum‘s liberalization of the usus antiquor aimed solely at those whose attachment to it predates Vatican II and the reforms it set in train? And if so, may younger Catholics attend? In my view, it is not, and they may. It’s true that Summorum Pontificum is a link in […]

Archbp. Dolan reflects on New York’s marriage law

His excellency Archbp. Timothy Dolan has an excellent reflection on New York’s recent enactment of what is euphemistically (and somewhat Orwellianly) called “marriage equality’ by its backers. Well worth a read.

An anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of my becoming a U.S. Citizen. Deo gratias!

Episcopal throughput

Fr. Z has a reader’s letter relating a priest’s experience of making changes in his parish. The priest, new to the parish, “wanted to make some changes that would put us more in line with the new liturgical movement,” including “offering all Masses ad orientem … and changing our Mass schedule and format to include one […]