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“The Double-Edged Sword”—director’s cut

Last semester, I took a “ConLaw as History” class, and in view of Justice Scalia’s then-recent passing, it felt befitting that, for the final project, I was able to take a nice, hefty swing at one of his bêtes-noires, the doctrine of so-called substantive due process about which he spoke often. I have finally completed my “director’s […]

Russia: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This term, I look an economics class, and our final papers afforded an opportunity for me to revisit a subject that used to be nearer and dearer to me than time now allows: The travails of the Russian economy following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the lessons for us of that experience. Demands of time […]

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Last month, I delivered a presentation to Catholic Adult Fellowship on the Eucharistic liturgy of the Roman Rite,  straightforwardly titled The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The written version of my remarks is now available here; this completes a pair of talks that began last fall in The Catholic Proposition. On June 2nd, 2013, the […]

Terminology note: High/low church revisited

Last year, I adopted the Anglican taxonomy of “low church / high church” as an improvement on the prevailing “liberal / conservative” taxonomy. I conceded, however, that doing so would not solve every problem. It is certainly possible, for example, to have a very orthodox ecclesiology (high church) while preferring the most extremely modernist ars […]

The Catholic Proposition

Last week, I delivered a presentation to Catholic Adult Fellowship on authority, apostolicity, and the Church, entitled The Catholic Proposition. The written version underlying my remarks is now available here, and a podcast/MP3 version is available here.

Terminology note: High Church and Low Church

As much as we are apt to resist labels, the need to distinguish between two strains of Catholic thought and attitude that are predominant in America today has led me to rely, here and elsewhere, on the prevailing terminology of “liberal” and “conservative.” See, e.g., 1 MPA, at 57, 62, 116. But those terms—freighted as […]

1 Motu Proprio Breviarium Annuum

The first volume of the Annuum—an annual report of this blog, collecting significant posts—is now available in two formats, the authoritative PDF (for iPad, PC, and Mac) and PRC (for Kindle).

Personal crest

Call it pretentious if you will, but I have created a personal crest: The design is modelled after the obverse of the Benedictine medal, which I find very appealing; it retains the circular surround, quadranted lettering, and cross, but substitutes a latin cross for the benedictine medal’s symmetrical Greek cross. The cross is emblazoned with […]


A tentative edition of the first Motu Proprio Anuum, covering the June 2011 term, is now available in PRC (Kindle) and PDF (iPad, PC, Mac) (alt. link) formats. A final edition with technical corrections and posts from May will follow in early June.

Essay on Communion in the hand

This Easter, all else being equal, I will be confirmed in the Catholic Church. Because the prospect of first communion is now before me, I must make a decision on whether to receive communion in the hand or, as is traditional, on the tongue, both options being licit in the United States. In this essay, prepared […]