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This project starts with an Epiphone dot studio with a broken neck. The goal is to get it back into working order and give it a Picasso finish a la the Ibanez JPM.

The break. I have some doubts about whether this is repairable (I suspect that the whole neck will have to come off), but on advice of counsel, I'm going to try a repair in situ before moving onto more violent fixes.
Concept art - possible colors. I'm leaning toward black and gold.
Headstock and neck sanded down
Glueing the break
Well, that's some ugly to tidy and hide.
Filling two of the original control holes. Because I can't route on the variable-topography top, I ended up with a wood plug in the bottom of each hole to retain the wood filler that mostly fills the holes.
Head filled and sanded flat.
It's the weekend; it's painting time!

And here we go! First look as the "bandages" come off!
Spraying sanding sealer (Zinnser dewaxed shellac).
Waiting for the lacquer to cure.
Strung up to test; all done apart from some cleanup and mounting the pots.