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Universæ Ecclesiæ 19

In a footnote to my post yesterday regarding the goings-on at Fisher-More College, I noted number 19 of the PCED instruction Universæ Ecclesiæ, which reads: “The faithful who ask for the celebration of the forma extraordinaria must not in any way support or belong to groups which show themselves to be against the validity or […]

The Roman Missal of AD 2100

The core of this post is pure speculation. I have to say that up front, but it’s speculation based on what I think are fairly sound premises.  One thing that’s clear is that our current liturgical perch, with the Roman Rite divided between the “ordinary” form (the novus ordo or, in Gamber’s phrase, the ritus […]


A visit to St. Martin of Tours, Louisville KY: I was just across the river at Mount St. Francis, and they had a conveniently-timed usus antiquior Mass.

Phil Mathias on the corrected translation

The corrected translation has attracted a lot of criticism, very little of it substantial. Phil Mathias’ National Post commentary does little to redress the balance. It’s hard to keep reading after Phil regurgitates the tired “hiearchy vs. the people” line that’s been so in vogue, but we shall soldier on. (1) Phil tackles consubstantial, and it […]

The scope of Summorum Pontificum

The question is raised: Is Summorum Pontificum‘s liberalization of the usus antiquor aimed solely at those whose attachment to it predates Vatican II and the reforms it set in train? And if so, may younger Catholics attend? In my view, it is not, and they may. It’s true that Summorum Pontificum is a link in […]