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Who is Jesus, and what did he do?

Jesus the Christ is God made man: He “is God, because He is the only Son of God, having the same Divine nature as His Father ,” and man “because He is the son of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a body and soul like ours.” In the very beginning, St. John tells us, […]

Creationism and original sin

Last fall, during a reading from Genesis chapter two, verses 18-24, an uncomfortable thought occurred to me. I have refused to take a position on creationism because it has seemed of no consequence, but that may not be true. And I raise this concern not rhetorically because I have an answer in mind, but rather […]

Internet memes, morality, and mortal sin

I am not a fan or a supporter of President Obama. My patience with people who create or propagate fictitious claims about him, however, had already run out before the latest meme did the rounds, and it was the final straw. So I’m going to nail my colors to the mast on this right here, and […]

The merit of the Blessed Sacrament

A friend asked why we need to receive Christ in the Eucharist more than once if He comes to live in us through the blessed sacrament? Does Jesus “wear off”? What follows is a slightly more elaborate version of my answer. Let’s start by securing the premise: Why would it be necessary at all? The […]

The First Commandment, iconoclasm, and Mary

Catholics are sometimes attacked for the use of religious images and for devotions to the saints generally and Mary specifically. Some of the criticisms are sophisticated and well-taken; others are not. The argument that the First Commandment makes such actions idolatrous per se falls into the latter category. In principle, we could divvy up Exodus […]

Revealed preference and the peril of interest capture

Rocco Palmo reports that Vice President Joe Biden met with the Holy Father today, but observes that the meeting appears to have been kept unusually quiet. When then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Benedict in a publicized meeting, the Vatican paired it with public criticism of Pelosi’s dissent—de facto schism, I would say—from the Church’s teaching on a number […]