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More details emerge about Fr. Corapi’s situation

Today we learned some new things about the Corapi situation, and the most important ones—those that do the most to back up Corapi’s claims—came not from Fr. Corapi, but from SOLT, the religious order from which he was suspended (at the instigation, he claims, of Bp. Mulvey of Corpus Christi, whose diocese includes SOLT’s American […]

Three thoughts on Fr. Corapi

In March, Fr. John Corapi was suspended after allegations that he was improperly involved with a woman. After weeks of silence, Corapi announced today that he will leave the priesthood after being stymied in attempts to clear his name. Audio of the announcement is here; the text is here. I have three main points to make. […]

The Kansas City fumble

The Anchoress has a primer on what appears to be a mishandled case of a priest found to have an unseemly interest in children, although it doesn’t seem to have gotten so far as direct physical abuse. You can get the full story via that link and the stories to which Elizabeth links, but the […]