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The role of the ordinariates

Elsewhere, the Anglican Ordinariates are criticized: “If you want to belong to the Catholic Church then be a Catholic; if you want to be an Anglcan, be an Anglican. If you want a bit of both then you need to find a church with a bit of both. A foot in 2 camps doesn’t work.” […]

The Anglican use

I was delighted to learn that there is an Anglican Ordinariate group at Holy Rosary Parish in Indianapolis, and made  a field-trip today. For the record, it was an Anglican-use Mass celebrated by a Latin-Rite priest with faculties in the personal ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter and hosted by Holy Rosary. I left […]

The foundations of the American ordinariate have been laid

Donald Card. Wuerl yesterday welcomed the first converting parish to the fold!

Fruits of Anglicanorum Coetibus

NLM has video of the first Anglican Use Mass in Canada.