The Holy Father’s Epiphany homily

It’s well worth a read. He paints an image of the Mass as a participation of a great journey, a procession, a pilgrimage, one that was begun by the Magi and which continues throughout history:

The journey of the wise men from the East is, for the liturgy, just the beginning of a great procession that continues throughout history. With the Magi, humanity’s pilgrimage to Jesus Christ begins – to the God who was born in a stable, who died on the Cross and who, having risen from the dead, remains with us always, until the consummation of the world. …

The wise men from the East lead the way. They open up the path of the Gentiles to Christ. During this holy Mass, I will ordain two priests to the episcopate, I will consecrate them as shepherds of God’s people. According to the words of Jesus, part of a shepherd’s task is to go ahead of the flock . …

That’s not only an evocative and intriguing image, it it begs the question: In which journey, procession, or pilgrimage has the guide or leader ever stood at the front of the group facing the pilgrims? Which shepherds stand before their flocks with their back to the direction of travel?

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  1. Philip wrote::

    You’re using “begs the question” to mean “raises the question”? Isn’t that one of the seven deadly sins?

    Monday, January 16, 2012 at 3:11 pm #