Additional appendices for “Carillon.”

This afternoon, I posted one of my “long grass historical background on the Colonies” pieces, this one tackling Virgon. Unusually, this one has a lengthy textual appendix. It also has two graphical appendices that necessitate a post here, charting 1,891 years of royal history: In genealogical form and tabular form. Buried deep in the early history is a homage to Frank Herbert’s “Dune” universe (which everyone ought to get) among various other little easter-eggs/nods (which perhaps only a few will).

At some point, I will compile a complete list and probably a .ePub book of the one-shots that I have put out in support of the Chronicle, but I have more to do at this point, so I’m holding off on it waiting for a natural stopping-point. As to when the Chronicle itself may appear—I’m as anxious as you if not more so. Watch this space.