Maggie’s theme / Racetrack cue

I have a new-ish piece to present. (It was actually published in late October and I forgot to say anything here.) I have spent a lot of time this year in the company of Maggie “Racetrack” Edmondson, as posts passim explain. Racetrack is a pivotal character, and I have lamented that Bear McCreary never wrote a Racetrack theme. It’s an odd lacuna: Supporting characters were never excluded. There’s a Kat theme, which is superlative, definitive, even, and even, gods help us, a Novacek theme, even though he only appears in one episode.) I had given some thought to what a Maggie theme might look like had McCreary written one. There were some obvious parameters: The show’s soundtrack has a particular vernacular, and what I know about Maggie that you (yet) don’t is that she grew up in a rural setting. A theme for her should be Appalachian and limpid, yet it also has to be capable of expanding into something fittingly grand and heroic. Then, one day, I woke up one day with a theme in my head, whole and complete; I immediately went down to the studio (that’s what it’s there for) and spent the day first getting the idea on tape and then trying to get it into some kind of organization. The execution is not optimal, and I feel like the theme is perhaps too innocent, even, but as a sketch to accompany the Racetrack Chronicle, I like it.