Monthly Archives: July 2013

In re removal of Rev. Iwanowski

The New Jersey press reports that Father Thomas Iwanowski, a priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, is being removed and transferred by the Archdiocese after he allowed another priest to live temporarily in the rectory. The other priest, Monsignor Robert Chabak, was accused a decade ago of an incident of abuse that allegedly took place […]

Episcopal authority and the abuse crisis

The bishop of Kansas City, his excellency Bp. Robert Finn, is a favorite and frequent target of dissenters; his conviction provides a focal point and a face for the abuse crisis, even though he’s something of a patsy, as I’ve noted before. See The Finn Indictment, 1 MPA 51 (2012). Elsewhere, it was suggested that Finn’s […]

Authoritative teaching, liturgy, and authority

Elsewhere, it was suggested to me that authority “seems to be a major element of Catholic belief” for me, as does liturgy. I gave a lengthy explanation of my views on authority in The Catholic proposition, 2 MPA 77 (2012), but some additional remarks will not hurt. I. Authority, in the sense of the sources […]