Monthly Archives: April 2013

Terminology note: High/low church revisited

Last year, I adopted the Anglican taxonomy of “low church / high church” as an improvement on the prevailing “liberal / conservative” taxonomy. I conceded, however, that doing so would not solve every problem. It is certainly possible, for example, to have a very orthodox ecclesiology (high church) while preferring the most extremely modernist ars […]


Let us suppose that it is important for young people to arrive at college with a good grasp of mathematics. How should this be achieved? If you were to propose that we should teach children mathematics by putting trigonometry into the first grade syllabus and calculus into the second, you would be thought quite mad! […]

The selection of bishops

In The Democratic fallacy, 1 MPA 142 (2012), I noted that calls to elect bishops were not to be taken seriously. The other side of that coin, however, is how bishops should be chosen. Today, the appointment of bishops is more-or-less an exclusively papal function. If we look at history, we see that various methods […]

The subtext

The image above is a meme that has been floating around Facebook. My question is very simple: Why does this image exist? Think about why this juxtaposition of images was  fabricated. What purpose did it serve to find these two images, resize them, and set them in visual apposition? Is this not precisely the invitation […]