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Reform and the episcopate

I will admit that I took up Rodger van Allen’s article How to build a better bishop with some trepidation. The agenda of many left-leaning Catholics vis-à-vis reform of the episcopate is no secret, and so I expected nothing good. Nevertheless, there is good and bad in this. Citing (sub rosa) George Weigel’s book The […]

A verse for our times

“A people living in darkness has seen a great light; on those who inhabit a land overshadowed by death, light has arisen.” Mt 4:16.


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The taproot of liturgical distortions

At the root of almost every problematic idea advanced for “improving” the “experience” of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a failure to understand what the the Mass is. The Mass is not simply “worship” and “thanksgiving”; it is those things also, but as John Paul II put it in Dominicae cenae, “above all else, the […]

Terminology note: High Church and Low Church

As much as we are apt to resist labels, the need to distinguish between two strains of Catholic thought and attitude that are predominant in America today has led me to rely, here and elsewhere, on the prevailing terminology of “liberal” and “conservative.” See, e.g., 1 MPA, at 57, 62, 116. But those terms—freighted as […]

A prayer for dark days

All of us have dark days when we feel tested beyond our capacity and inadequate to the challenges we face. We fear that our defenses will be broken imminently. (In a word… Overrrun.) Inimicus me circumsedet, Domine; fortem est, et infirmitates mei scit; tela uti scit. Sed tu est fortiorem, Domine, et me scis melius; […]

About that chicken chain

There is a tempest in a teapot over Chick-fil-a, a chain of fast food chicken outlets that has reportedly given money to various organizations that oppose the redefinition of marriage, a thoughtcrime meriting the death penalty in these most tolerant times. Calls for a boycott have issued; the drums of war have sounded. In another place, […]