Monthly Archives: March 2012

Essay on Communion in the hand

This Easter, all else being equal, I will be confirmed in the Catholic Church. Because the prospect of first communion is now before me, I must make a decision on whether to receive communion in the hand or, as is traditional, on the tongue, both options being licit in the United States. In this essay, prepared […]

Four aspects of Confirmation

Fr. John asked me to say what confirmation meant to me—how, that is, I would explain it to a person who happened to ask why I would do such a thing—and I thought that it was worth sharing my reply. I saw three aspects to it, and I will add a fourth that has subsequently occurred. The first, […]

In the Black

Musicam novam præsento. Heather Ackroyd and I both loved this Marian Call song, and after we enjoyed playing it at the 2011 Southern Indiana Browncoat Bash, the thought of recording it occurred. But how to arrange it? Marian’s original is a near-perfect minimalist arrangement, and as I played around with ideas, I came to realize […]

The merit of the Blessed Sacrament

A friend asked why we need to receive Christ in the Eucharist more than once if He comes to live in us through the blessed sacrament? Does Jesus “wear off”? What follows is a slightly more elaborate version of my answer. Let’s start by securing the premise: Why would it be necessary at all? The […]