Monthly Archives: September 2011

Is it time for a Catholic political party

…in England? The question is posed. The idealistic answer is yes—And yes without any doubt in England, where secularism is much further advanced than here, although one might ask whether, for just that reason, it might not be worth trying to broaden the party into a broader Christian Alliance Party. The answer is yes in […]

Two comments on Bp. Zurek, Fr. Pavone, and PFL

Fr. Frank Pavone, the public face of Priests for Life, has had his ministry put on ice, ordered back to the Diocese of Amarillo where he’s incardinated due to concerns of his excellency Bishop Patrick Zurek over PFL’s finances. Elizabeth Scalia has a link-rich summary of the story here, Prof. Ed Peters looks at its canonical […]

A genuinely pastoral statement

Serving as a follow-on to this post, I should note that Archbishop Chaput said recently: I think faithful Catholics listen to their bishops pretty carefully. But the key word there is “faithful.” Baptism brings us into the Christian community, but our fidelity is determined by how we live our lives after baptism. If we don’t give […]

The First Commandment, iconoclasm, and Mary

Catholics are sometimes attacked for the use of religious images and for devotions to the saints generally and Mary specifically. Some of the criticisms are sophisticated and well-taken; others are not. The argument that the First Commandment makes such actions idolatrous per se falls into the latter category. In principle, we could divvy up Exodus […]

Ezekiel and Paul

I suggest a link between today’s first two readings (Ez 33:7-9 and Rom 13:8-10). St. Paul exhorts us to love our neighbor. But to love is not always to indulge; sometimes we must correct our neighbor, call them to account, remind them of God’s command. And there Ezekiel picks up the story: If I tell […]