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Party like it’s 1899: Dodd for President, 2016

A week ago, with Governor Jindall’s admission of his candidacy, I promised that if one more Republican ran for President, I, too, would seek the GOP nomination. I’m a man of my word. Given Governor Christie’s entry into the race three days ago, I hereby announce my candidacy: I will walk for the Presidency. (My heart, like Governor Christie’s, aches at […]


In anno MCMLXXII, phalanx classica ad carcere missa est, a curia militari, propter scelus non perpetraverunt. Isti effugerunt raptim ex carcere securitatis maximæ, ad barathro Angelopolis. Hodie—ab imperio quæruntur adhuc—ipsi sicut bellatores mercenarios vivunt. Si problema habes, si nemo non possunt auxiliari, et si eos potes invenire, forsit poteris conducere…

Iter ad astra

Coeli. Terminus ultimus. Hæ sunt navigationes astri-navis «Suscipienda». Missio permanens eius: Explorare mundi novi et alienus; quærere vita nova, et respublicæ novæ; ire audacter ad locis homines non ivit antea!

Evangelization is a rescue mission

Some year ago, Yves Cardinal Congar, OP, supplied to us an image of the Church as a liferaft for a world that is destined to sink. The world is going to the bottom; we shall be rescued. And having been rescued, having clambered aboard the liferaft, what is the ordinary Christian life? To stay afloat, […]

1 Motu Proprio Breviarium Annuum

The first volume of the Annuum—an annual report of this blog, collecting significant posts—is now available in two formats, the authoritative PDF (for iPad, PC, and Mac) and PRC (for Kindle).

Bellum Stellarum

VADER: Te exspectabam, Obi-wane. Tandem occuramus denuo; circulus perfectus est. Tunc, discipulum eram; nunc, magistrum sum. KENOBIUS: Tantum magister mali, Darthe. VADER: Vester artes consenescunt, senex. KENOBIUS: Non potes vincere, Darthe. Si me potes cædere, deinde potentior poteris credere fiam.

The trade

“Rabbi Joshua Hammerman”‘s ostensibly vile Jewish World article My Tim Tebow Problem has riled up a number of folks (e.g. 1, 2, 3), but I think it’s neat that Jewish World has obviously started an article exchange program with The Onion, and I look forward to the latter’s publication of the article they took in […]