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The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

In the Black, take 2

Musicam antiquam præsento. Received wisdom has it that you can’t “fix it in the mix”; this is an exercise in doing precisely that. The cover of Marian Call’s In the Black that Heather and I did a while back (see my post here) was tracked in late 2011,  but I was unhappy with the mix. [...]

Tape and tradition

This is a post about audio recording and tape that becomes a post about politics, tradition, and the reform of the reform. Last week, I posted my recording of 74/75; I sent a copy to my parents with the observation that it surprised me that so much of the sound for which I’d been looking was tape, and [...]


Musicam novam præsento. Years ago, “the Connells” were a one-hit wonder with 74-75; I have no idea what it’s about, but I loved the song. I’ve been evaluating Reaper as a new DAW, and I wanted to try recording a piece that used a single track of guitar rather than layers and a piece with [...]

The Hon. Robert Heron Bork, 1927-2012

Requiescat in pace. Bork would have been a towering figure even if he had done nothing after The Antitrust Paradox; we have lost a great American of whose service as a great justice we were cruelly deprived. May he rest in peace, and as Judge Easterbrook put it at a recent conference celebrating Bork’s work [...]

Wish You Were Here

Musicam novam præsento. I stumbled across a recording that I (apparently) did of Wish You Were Here (from the eponymous Pink Floyd album) in June. I have no recollection of recording it, but if such a recording should exist, it would apparently have a double-tracked 12-string acoustic guitar, panned hard left and right, a dreadnaught panned [...]

St. Crispin’s

Recordatus erimus; nos pauci, nos pauci fortunati, nos cohors fratrum! Namque qui cum me hodie sanguinem effundit frater meus erit.

Won’t back down

Musicam novam præsento. Feeling some slight post-election petulance, I took a stab at Tom Petty’s defiant classic.

Caution and conservatism

“The bad thing about conservatism,” says Tallis Piaget, “is that you guys refuse to fix something it it’s broken.” I think that a fair point. We hesitate to declare something broken, and we’re skeptical of radical changes. To my mind, caution and circumspection are core and distinctive conservative habits of mind; they are marks by which [...]

Terminology note: High Church and Low Church

As much as we are apt to resist labels, the need to distinguish between two strains of Catholic thought and attitude that are predominant in America today has led me to rely, here and elsewhere, on the prevailing terminology of “liberal” and “conservative.” See, e.g., 1 MPA, at 57, 62, 116. But those terms—freighted as [...]